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Created at the instigation of the deputy Jean-Michel Mis and the French expert Rémy André Ozcan, the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals, placed under the regime of the 1901 law (RNAW751257279), aims to become the first network of French business of Blockchain professionals.
Officially supported by the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, the Federation intends not only to bring together and effectively structure the French ecosystem but also to bring the French vision of Blockchain internationally.



The leading business network in France for Blockchain professionals.


The vision carried by the FFPB is in line with the reality of the French ecosystem and the strategic issues raised by the use of Blockchain technology. It is based in particular on:



A professional dimension

Aiming to promote collaboration between industrial groups, SMEs, research and training institutions, liberal professions and professional branch organizations.


A multisectoral approach

Respecting the specificities of each sector, while allowing it to express itself and fully benefit from the opportunities offered by this technology.



Mainly business oriented allowing the development of a dynamic economic fabric, creating value and jobs in France.


A dedicated space

Providing quality documentary resources (reports, jobs, etc.), an efficient collaboration cloud system and exclusive events.


Exclusive services

Promotion, recruitment of Blockchain profiles, referencing as a professional, direct contacts with our partners (media, legal, technological…)


Innovative governance

Based on representative bodies and Blockchain technology as a foundation of trust.



Become the leading network in France of Blockchain players

Stimulate the market and encourage investment

Promote the creation of value and its protection

The Federation brings together all the players in the ecosystem while promoting collaboration between all French public and private players.

It pursues a policy of influence to strengthen the international influence of the innovations made by the members and it is a source of proposals on the actions to be taken for the development of the industry with the European authorities and institutions.

Build a capacity for influence

Bringing the national strategy with one voice

To be the privileged interlocutor of the European authorities and institutions


Strategic Committees

As the one and only professional federation in the sector, the FFPB contributes significantly to the adoption of Blockchain technology by businesses and public administrations. The FFPB promotes the adoption of technology in particular through the activities of the Strategic Committees (CS), its partnerships and events.

Blockchain & Trusted third party

Identify the business levers provided by technology to trusted third parties and educate the public authorities on the complementarity between this technology and the trust already inspired by trusted third parties. The committee is the result of a partnership with the National Federation of Trusted Third Parties (FNTC).

Circular economy & Blockchain

Highlight the opportunity to use Blockchain technology to foster the emergence of circular economies. Analyze the evolution of the economic models of circular economy players to adapt to the changes brought about by the use of this technology

Normes & standards Blockchain

Promote the development of market standards and relay standardization intentions. The result of an exclusive partnership between AFNOR and FFPB, the committee aims to provide companies with real expertise in the development of standards and control of the use of Blockchain technology in business sectors. multiple.

Blockchain & Legal Framework

Map the gaps in the regulatory framework with a view to changing regulations to adapt to the use of Blockchain technology for each sector of activity.
The pace of working meetings is defined by the President on the basis of the objectives and challenges of each of the SCs. Committees that will meet as many times as necessary, face-to-face or remote. All or part of the work carried out may be made public.




Rémy André Ozcan


Jean Michel

Director of Institutional relationship



Gaëlle Marraud
des Grottes

General secretary

Maxence Vuillefroy de Silly

Communication & Corporate relations development officer


Committee chairs

Julien Bringer

Chairman of the Blockchain Norm & Standard Committee

Dominique Legeais

Chairman of the Blockchain & Legal Framework

Antoine Le Feuvre

Chairman of the Blockchain & Economy Circular Committee

Fabrice Croiseaux

Chairman of the Blockchain & Trusted third party Comittee

Julie latawiec

Vice Chairwoman of the Blockchain Norm & Standard Committee

Gaëlle Marraud
des Grottes

Vice Chairwoman of the Blockchain & Legal Framework

Frédéric Cardot

Vice Chairman of the Blockchain & Economy Circular Committee



Large and small companies from all sectors, professional organizations of branches, liberal professions, universities & grandes écoles, research and training institutes aim to integrate the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals.

Members contributors

Strategic partners

Our network of partners is made up of professional organizations, media and newspapers, public institutions, service providers and think tanks which contribute to the actions carried out by the FFPB.


Our White Papers

Interoperability of business processes through Blockchain technology

Parisa Godus


The use case of electronic voting through Blockchain technology

Bertrand Peaudecerf


Non Fungible Tokens - Concept & Standard Technical Overview

Christophe Ozcan


The benefits and challenges of Blockchain at the service of the circular economy

Antoine Le Feuvre



Contributor 1

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Contributor 2

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Contributor 3

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Contributor 4

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Membership price 2024

The members of the Federation can choose between the status of simple member or of contributing member depending on their willingness to be involved in the FFPB.


How to Join?

The Federation is open to all types of companies and organizations, regardless of its sector of activity, impacted by Blockchain technology, wishing to contribute to the development of an innovation ecosystem as diverse as possible.

Critères d’adhésion simplifiée

  • Have its registered office in France or a legal entity and be registered in the trade and companies register;
  • To have in its activity the use of Blockchain technology.
For entities that do not meet these criteria, there is also the possibility of joining the FFPB by signing a specific collaboration agreement.

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